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The Insangel

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The Insangel Empty The Insangel

Post by Triere on Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:02 pm

The Insangel has arrived! (Editing in Progress)
Note - Insangel; The Insangel is one third angel, one third demon and one third human/animal/earth dwelling... thing. It is the concept of an angel succumbing to the Earthly wiles or presence, but not losing divinity, but through fusing with an earthly object, it becomes merged with also the demons that Earthly things possess.Thus, it becomes a mix of all 3 and becomes completely insane, thus becoming the Insangel.

Name: Priere 'Luciel' Tensei
Age: 17
Origin: A mysterious sorcerous village.
Species: Human (Before), Insangel (Now).
Weight: 113 lbs
Height: 5'6
Race: Unknown
Family: Valorius (Father), Priesse/Kokome (Mother), Signis (Other Self), Blue (Other Self.)
Soul Attribute: Unknown
Used Jutsu: Magic.

Likes: Herself, Being in charge, Cold places, things devoid of heat and the sun, Ice, Snow, Water, Magic, Her heritage, Blue, Signis (Sometimes), Koudo (to an extent), her gang, Rebellion, Becoming stronger, Defeating enemies, Freezing things, Cactus Water/Juice, Taking her anger out of things that don't deserve it, Teaching people 'lessons,' Having fun, Destruction, Looking down on others she feels don't deserve her praise, Harming others with her 'playing.'

Dislikes: Taking orders from others, Heat, The Sun, Hot places, Fire, anything related to fire, Men, People that aren't herself (most times), Signis (Sometimes), Failed plans, Feeling weak, Dry things, Spicy things, Hot things, Being unable to express her anger, Being around people, Being taught a 'lesson,' lectures, being made angry, others looking down on her.


Priere's anatomy used to be just as simple as any human's, however now that she had become an Insangel and is learning about the abilities of her ancestors, her body is changing and becoming more and more complex each day. Though most of the phenomena that happens with her body is caused by Magic, the rest is just naturally part of her ancestor's genetics and powers as sorcerers. Priere's body is constantly releasing a general aura of coldness from it, as that is what her people used to do. They were immune to the effects of the cold, only drawing power from it, and as such could absorb the elements of the cold and generate an aura of coldness of varying intensities and sizes through internal generation. The coldness could regenerate their bodies, thus it was imperative to make their home in an arctic region. The same was with water, as they could absorb the water and use it as nourishment for their bodies instead of food, the water being able to replenish their chakras and magical abilities while the coldness was able to restore their bodies. Priere's bodily functions allow her more than just those abilities, as she can breathe both underwater and in a frozen state as if she were in normal air. Her eyes are also able to switch into 'Thermal Vision,' which allows her to see hotness, coldness and different energy readings, which most thermal vision is not able to decipher the latter. Lastly, when becoming an Insangel, she gained the power to sense and become highly attuned to any supernatural beings, entities, energies or Insangels, making attacks suck as Soul Wavelength or attacks from a Demon useless against her, as her senses can detect those things with great precision. A secret about Priere is that she has tiny bat wings on her back and large black horns on her head. Also, another secret is that her hair has reflective properties of light and if she wraps herself up in her own hair, she can become completely invisible and invulnerable to the effects of light. Because of becoming an Insangel, she gained 2 large horns, pointed ears, red and black eyes and white, bat-like wings in the process.

Priere's attire is odd, but functional. She wears a short, white, pointy dress with the special power to reject heat and is resistant to flames, as well as two large shackle-cuffs with chains on them that are highly durable and can block powerful physical strikes without harming Priere, and also she wears tall white creepers just for style, though the soles are made completely of a very hard and durable metal for kicking people when necessary. A picture is shown below.

What Priere looks like (Imagine the dress less... poofy and more... pointy.)

Fun, Condescending, Sarcastic, Playful, Critical, Twisted, Sadistic.

Priere's Side of the Story

There was a time when a human girl, Priere, was alone in the world. Left in the arctic as a mere infant, her parents had abandoned her and left her to die. Yet somehow, she survived. This is because she was not alone... A demon had inhabited her body and allowed her to live. The reasons why are unknown, however as the years went on, she knew nothing of this demon living inside of her and equally nothing about her parents. All she knew was that she was the descendant of sorcerers and had a great potency for magic, however she never knew how or why she knew this information. Wanting to learn the ways of her people, she began to study up on ice and water magic. Once she had a slightly good understanding of it... She sought to find and kill her parents. This is a grave sin, according to the heavens, and as such, Priere had to be eliminated... By the highest of the Angels of Death; Signis. Signis was prepared to take control of and reap the soul from the body, but upon touching Priere, the demon appeared before Signis. It was Blue, the assassin; sent to hunt and destroy Signis from the very day she became one with Priere... However, something went awry. Because of Blue and Signis trying to become one with Priere simultaneously, they were all forced into one soul. Now Priere's soul harbors her own, Signis' and Blue's souls as well, but the 3 of them share different minds and wills in the same body. The 3 of them wished for escape, but there was no way out of it now. Swiftly, their minds began to link and they all thought the same things... But so many conflicting thoughts turned the 3 of them insane... And thus, the first Insangel was born on that day.

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The Insangel Empty Re: The Insangel

Post by Triere on Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:03 pm

Name: Signis 'Ruby' Lumiere (Tensei)
Age: Unknown
Origin: The highest plane of heaven.
Species: Angel (Before), Insangel [Seraph] (Now).
Weight: 13,333 lbs
Height: 5'10
Race: Archangel
Family: Unknown, Priere (Other Self), Blue (Other Self.)
Soul Attribute: Unknown
Used Jutsu: Unknown

Likes: Blood, Bloodshed, Battle, War, Death, Analyzing things, Lecturing, Talking, Learning, Defeating the weak, Killing the weak, Killing the strong, Killing demons, Herself, Tactics, Strategy, Planning, Power, Knowledge, Skill, Being feared, Being respected, Lecturing Priere on how to become better, Blue, Priere (Sometimes), Her title as 'Angel of Death.'

Dislikes: Peace, Life, The Living, Things she cannot decipher, Priere (Sometimes), When other people try to talk when she is, When her ideas go unnoticed, Brash people, Not having a plan, Being defeated, Arrogance, Condescending people, Weakness, Dumbness, Not having knowledge of a situation, Ineptitude, Disrespect for her, Demons, Humans, When Priere doesn't listen to her lectures, Not becoming a High Seraph.


Signis' anatomy is much different than Priere's, even though they share the same body. Signis is several times heavier than Priere, weighing about 13,000 pounds because of the density of her wings, her clothes and her durable angelic body. She keeps herself afloat via electrical power, psychic power or holy power. The transition does not seem to affect the Insangelic body, however, and there is no harm done when switching weight so suddenly. Because of how much weight Signis carries around, she is extremely strong and also, because she carries such weight with her mind a majority of the time, her psychic powers grow stronger continuously. Signis' mind is her greatest asset, for she is extremely analytic and thinks up a lot of plans. Her slight use of psychic powers also helps her out a bit, be it mind reading to erasing memory or levitation to psychokinesis. She is an overall powerhouse. Her body, much like Priere's body absorbs water and ice, absorbs electricity to rejuvenate both her chakras and her body itself, thus whenever she is hit with electricity other than her own, she can restore both of them simultaneously and equally. Her body internally generates incredible amounts of electricity and stores a great amount of electricity as well, making her body generally shocking to the touch. Signis has 6 massive wings that she rarely uses, as they usually take the form of her radiant white cape and attire. 2 make up her suit, 2 make up her cape, and 2 make up her helmet, making her virtually protected all around by her wings. When she decides to release her wings, her full power is unleashed and she becomes completely naked.

Signis wears an all-white, skin-tight suit that hugs her body tight and snug. This allows her the best aerodynamics and general mobility anywhere. She wears all white gloves and boots as well. She also has a helmet atop her head that not only stops radio-waves, foreign electrical/psychic currents and brain waves from entering her head, but also constantly amplifies them to have her psychic power continuously getting better. She wears around her neck a pure white cape that flows off elegantly, which is the most useful of her clothing because it can reflect some non-physical attacks (mostly elements and especially light) from herself and back at the opponent. Not only that, it can extend, mold and meld into different shapes, such as claws, or a drill. Her entire attire is secretly her 6 wings that have taken the form of clothing, and because her wings are very resistant to the elements, many elemental attacks do little to nothing to her, allowing her to survive intense water pressure, intense heat without burning or feeling heat, intense cold, etc.

Cruel, Demented, Destructive, Analytical, Sadistic

Signis' Side of the Story
Signis is an angel now trapped within the body of Priere and bound to both her and the demon, Blue, making it impossible for her to get out. Signis used to be a high ranking archangel that would bestow death unto sinners of the world, however once becoming an Insangel, she became insane and unable to remember her true purpose... Yet still remembers that she must kill. She wears a skin-tight white suite with white gloves, and a long cape that she can wrap around herself like a robe. Her robe also becomes six angel wings . She shoots out electricity (usually lightning) from her body and can generate electricity within herself.

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The Insangel Empty Re: The Insangel

Post by Triere on Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:04 pm

Name: Blue 'Saphira' Ragnarok (Tensei)
Age: Unknown
Origin: The blackest part of the underworld.
Species: Demon (Before), Insangel [Overlord] (Now).
Weight: Unable to be Measured.
Height: 5'8
Race: Unknown
Family: Unknown, Priere (Other Self), Signis (Other Self.)
Soul Attribute: Unknown
Used Jutsu: Unknown

Abilities: Ice and Water Magic (Priere), Electricity/Heavenly Power (Signis), Blue Energy(Blue.)

Personality:Silent, Deadly, Smooth, Stealthy, Sly, To-the-point, Sadistic (Blue). INSANE (All~!)

Blue is a high ranking demon assassin that was sent to devour the souls and spirits of all things that had them. Blue has 3 wings, all of which take the form of black spider webs in the shape of wings. She usually has her wings retracted into her body, however. Blue's entire body is completely black, except for glowing blue eyes. Her skin-tight, black clothing is made of her own shadow, thus she casts no shadow. This shadow has its own mind and will, as well, but it cannot separate itself from her. Her body can be slightly morphed and is extremely flexible beyond compare, since she has no real bones or anything. The only ability of morphing she has is to make her bodyparts into needles or spikes. That's it. She can also generate scythe blades from any given place on her body. She is the close-combat fighter of the 3, hence why she was the assassin. She is the one that can shoot condensed beams of energy from herself at will.

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The Insangel Empty Re: The Insangel

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