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Insangel Manna

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Insangel Manna Empty Insangel Manna

Post by Triere on Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:14 pm

All Are 'Genetic'.

Priere's natural abilities:

Absorption, expulsion and generation of coldness.
Freezing stuff~!
Liquefying stuff~!
Changing liquids into solids/vapors and vice versa (to an extent.)
Absorbing water.
Alteration of Sodium and Magnesium in water to cause explosions.
Regeneration in coldness.
Can breathe in liquids/ice.
Can dehydrate objects (swiftness depends on size and power)
Converting and purifying liquids.
Can freeze other liquids besides water.
Detection of other Insangels/Supernatural Beings/Energy/Entities.
Changing the temperature of anything she touches or focuses magic into.
Changing/Controlling the Density/Pressure/Current of liquids.
Stealing/Removing the heat from things/Converting heat into coldness.
Refraction/Reflection of Light with ice and water.
Control of the temperature in the area.
Thermal Vision.
Ice Portals/Reverse Ice Portals
Ability to change self or parts of self into ice, water or vapor.
When indulging Cactus Water, she may cause other people to hallucinate if touched by her water or ice afterward.
Control over Frozen Fire
Crystal Wings
Withstanding the effects of Absolute Zero and also being able to have her ice go to the level of Absolute Zero

Priere's Magics:

Ice Spikes
By conjuring up icy magic and focusing on the coordinates, Priere is able to generate spikes of ice from a solid surface extremely fast. She may also create and control thin sheets of ice in the air (similar to Haku's Crystal Ice Mirrors) and generate her Ice Spikes from there to get around the flaw of not being able to strike airborne foes with this attack.

-Icy Impaler: A derivative of the Ice Spikes technique, where instead of appearing on the ground, they are generated in the sky, having huge icicles shoot down at the foe at jet speeds to impale and possibly freeze them.

-Icy Impaler; Rapid Fire: A derivative of the Icy Impaler, Priere holds out a hand and fires a multitude of large spikes of ice that rocket through the air like jets. Alternatively, She can generate them around her body rapidly whilst simultaneously firing them off so that she doesn't have to use her hands.

-Frostbite: A derivative of the Ice Spikes techniques mixing in the Icy Impaler and partial mixture of temp control. Priere will create any given number of large ice spires/spikes and icicles in the air colder than normal around the opponent trying to impale them from all angles, causing instant frostbite to whatever part of the body is touched by the ice. Alternatively, she may create gigantic gnashing sentient teeth of ice with the same effect. Also, if she wishes, she may limit this ability to her increasing the coldness of a certain area to inflict frostbite to whatever living thing is within.

Ice Needles
Priere is able to generate very slim, tiny, durable, penetrating, swift needles of ice from herself at will or able to spontaneously generate them in the air to try penetrating her opponents. She can elongate her ice needles at will to allow them better penetration and other things of the like.

-Ice Needle Skewer: A derivative of the Ice Needles ability somewhat combined with the Ice Spike ability. Extremely thin, sturdy and swift needles of ice jut out from any icy/liquid surface and try to impale the enemy in a sort of gridlock formation from every angle, slowly freezing what they touch. They have power to penetrate through steel if enough power is applied.

-Diamond Blizzard: A derivative of the Ice Needles ability, somewhat combined with the Chill Wave. After taking control of particles in the air and freezing some of them, Priere releases a flurry of near microscopic needles of ice all around the foe, piercing them from all around whilst inside of high winds or still air to completely pierce their bodies and tear them to ribbons. Their only clue to their existence are tiny, faint sparkles in the atmosphere, which is their power activating.

Ice Shield
Priere condenses her ice magic as a very sturdy dome of ice around her to protect her from attacks from all angles. Alternatively, she can create a flat wall of ice in front of her that has more durability and defensive power, though less coverage. She has also learned that she may condense this power into tiny, spherical shields that she can use to block powerful attacks, though they are much, much smaller and are usually worn on the hands.

-Ice Shield Vortex: A mixture of Priere's Ice Shield and Ice Bomb Vortex, where she generates a swirling epicenter of cold energy at Absolute Zero, which releases a swirling vortex of energy that draws in other energies and either freezes them in place, reflects them back, or absorbs their power into itself and freezes any abilities that they may have.

-Rime Armor: A mixture of the Ice Shield and the Silent Water, the Rime Armor coats Priere in invisible icy magic that allows a number of things. It can weaken the effect of attacks both physical and non-physical severely, alter its own constitution to become hard, soft, liquid, solid, etc. to defend against all types of attacks, and it also captures light and releases it in an odd way that allows Priere to become completely invisible as well as leave afterimages by controlling how fast the light moves. Using these together can make it appear that Priere is in one place when she is actually not. Also, the Rime Armor can negate the powers of the most intense heat and fires, as well as absorb the energy/chakra of attacks, be it non-physical or physical.

Ice Slice
Using a small bit of magic, Priere is able to generate long, slender, yet extremely sharp and durable discs of ice that cut through the wind and water they pass through, having no water or wind resistance whatsoever. They are very sharp and durable and are able to slice through some of the toughest things with ease. She may also use them as buzz saws on the ground or on her body as a knew way to use them.

-Ice Cold Ripper: A derivative of the Ice Slice, altered to fit an equipment type feel, Priere generates long, large, menacing claws of ice continuously being frozen over on her hands. These claws also increase Priere's speed, reflexes and reaction time greatly in her arms and eyes, and release a freezing mist from themselves. They are sharp enough to easily slice through steel and cold enough to freeze liquids just by touch.

-Ice Cold Kick: A derivative of the Ice Slice, Priere will kick the air and send sharp, blade-like waves of ice hurdling through the sky, slicing through everything they come in contact with. They are extremely fast.

-Crystal Spinner: A derivative of the Ice Slice mixed with the Chill Wave, Priere spins something on her body (be it a finer, an arm, her body, etc.) and releases waves of crystal air which slice through what they come in contact with. The faster she spins something on her body, the more powerful the attack becomes.

-Diamond Cutter: A derivative of the Ice Slice, Priere focuses the magical power of it into the form of a sword of varying size. As its name suggests, it is sharp and hard enough to cut through even diamond like butter.

Chill Wave
Releases a swift wave of freezing magical force that will attempt to freeze and shatter what it comes in contact with. She has grown potent with it and has learned to surge it through solid objects to freeze whatever it comes in contact with. Also, she can condense this energy into shock waves that may travel through the ground or trace other solid objects, leaving trails of freezing energy where it travels. This ability has grown so powerful that it can freeze the chakra network and soul wavelengths of others and stop opposing forces in their tracks if contact is made.

-Frost Arrow: A derivative of the Chill Wave, Priere crystallizes air, dust and water particles in the air and changes them into extremely tiny clusters of sharpened ice shards too tiny to be seen by eye if separated. She will launch the clusters as a powerful force in the shape of an arrow that moves swiftly trying to hack up the opponent. She may also condense her own magical energy into the form of an arrow and release those as slicing and freezing wind-like arrow blasts, though at the cost of more power.

-White Rain: A derivative and powered up version of the Chill Wave, where Priere instantly crystallizes the air and chills the clouds, summoning powerful chilling waves of nothing but sparkling crystal ice floes to rain down like hail. Their size and shape can be altered at will and when they hit the ground, they flash-freeze what they impact with like a bomb until the entire area is a winter wonderland.

-Cryo Tornado: A derivative of the Chill Wave technique, and the strongest one there is. In an area of variable size, Priere will instantly whip up a tornado which creates a powerful vacuum within that freezes all things inside of it and forcefully shuts down the minds of the foe, freezing them in cryogenic sleep where they cannot wake after being influenced by the Cryo Tornado.

Zero Beam
Priere condenses freezing magic into a single point and shoots a beam of extremely cold energy from herself with the ability to freeze what it touches on contact. It chills the very air around it and causes the overall temperature of the atmosphere near it to drop, it is so cold.

-Absolute Zero Beam: A powered up version of the Zero Beam, where Priere fires off a giant beam of energy cold enough to always stay at Absolute Zero temperature, whilst also influencing everything around it to freeze instantly at the temperature of Absolute Zero. Its presence is cold enough to flash-freeze an entire area it passes through.

-Absolute Zero Beam; Infinity: A derivative of the Absolute Zero beam, where Priere creates a powerful ice seal with many points upon it and fires off numerous amounts of Absolute Zero beams at her target. If she does not create the runes, she may use her fingers or her Crystal Wings.

Ice Bomb
Priere concentrates freezing energy into a spherical formation in her hand that constantly sucks in and absorbs energy at the atmosphere it comes in contact with to grow larger , more powerful and more durable the longer it stays out. It explodes on impact. The explosion of the Ice Bomb can drop the temperature potentially to Absolute Zero, depending on how much it has been charged and how long. The larger it is, the more powerful and colder the explosion is, but more energy is used up as it gets larger.

-Ice Bomb Vortex: An alternative to the normal Ice Bomb where Priere generates a swirling epicenter of freezing energy that takes the form of a sphere that Priere may control throughout the air. This sphere will float through the air and explode with great freezing power when it reaches its destination. Also, it can embed itself within other energies and objects to forcefully freeze them from the inside out.

-Ice Mine: A derivative to the Ice Bomb, where Priere focuses a bit of freezing energy into the ground that is treated as a land mine. On Priere's command or when an enemy comes too near, it explodes as a huge torrent of freezing energy to flash freeze everything that comes its way as a wave of energy.

Ice Cubes
Priere creates rather tiny cubes of ice which appear to others as tiny sparkles in the sky. She flings them at the foe or in the air, and on her command, they will all go off in a large and quick explosion, covering whatever is nearby in sheer ice, capturing them under her magical influence. Whilst captured, whatever attack or move they try to do is instantly frozen, and their chakra network will be frozen instantly as well.

-Great Crusher: A derivative of the Ice Cubes, where Priere surrounds something in a cube of ice, instantly freezes it in place and has three choices; keeping it frozen, shattering it and whatever is within into nothingness, or imploding what is within it into nothingness. When frozen, the mind and the chakra signature are frozen as well, and energies within cannot escape, therefore nothing inside can break out once frozen.

Hidden/Forbidden Techniques
Crystal Stasis: A hidden technique revealed to her by the powers of her Grimoire, locked deep within her mind. This was a technique that is only known by Priere's family, a very special ice ability that can be learned by no other user and seems to be connected to her hidden KG. The Crystal Stasis is a universally useful ability that allows Priere to generate a nearly indestructible encapsulation of ice around her target, flash-freezing them instantly and keeping them in suspended animation. This ice cannot be melted or destroyed and also disallows any movement, thought or the like at all, even to Priere herself or other ice users or any that would normally be immune to such an ability. Whilst encapsulated, due to the powerful otherworldly properties this ice contains, nothing is allowed to penetrate it by any means, or even establish a link to the captured target at all. This is done by freezing the very essence of energy itself, and every form of it, too, meaning contact with it from any outside energy will probably spread this contagion. Whilst within, however, the caster can cause the ice to activate a healing function that restores wounds, life and chakra, making it a healing station. Because of the fact that the caster cannot do anything whilst imprisoned, the ice itself is on a time limit. The length varies with the power of the prisoner, how adept one is with the ability and how much power and/or magic the caster has. There is no constant drain on chakra, but it does take a lot to cast it, as a result, and until it is taken down, the caster cannot restore that set amount of chakra, therefore if they use half of theirs to keep someone in Crystal Stasis for an extended time, they can only heal up to half of their full amount of chakra and never ever reach their full power of chakra until it has been taken down. One who is the master of this ability can freeze people in Crystal Stasis for an eternity, they say.

Frozen Fire: A forbidden, secret Technique sealed away by Priere's Clan because it held too much power to be used at any given time. Only chosen people were allowed to use the Frozen Fire technique. The Frozen Fire is an eternally burning flame made of the essence of coldness itself. It is a flame that both burns and freezes. Whatever it touches is frozen, and the ice created burns through and erases the very sustaining power (chakra, magic, etc.) of what it touches before assimilating the frozen object with itself to grow stronger. It has much more power than just that, as Priere has only discovered the tip of the iceberg.

Perfect Freeze: A forbidden ability learned from her grimoire, this ability causes her magic to perfectly assimilate itself with whatever it comes in contact with and then freeze it instantly. Because of its perfect assimilation, it will freeze all aspects of what it has merged with, thus meaning it will change as they change so it may keep its prey frozen. It always stays in perfect balance and harmony, no matter what. It can assimilate with anything, even space and time.

Cold Divinity: A hidden ability that allows Priere's magic to become the literal essence of coldness itself, named Cold Divinity. This makes her and her magic one with coldness and voids all forms of heat from existing around her and her magic, thus causing instant freezing to literally everything it comes in contact with.

Minus K: An ability that takes its power from her ability to absorb heat and control temperature. Priere will instantly pull in all heat into herself that is around the area like a suction of a void, until all heat is gone. When it is, the area is left with nothing but cold at Absolute Zero. This ability is said to be able to freeze even space and time in their tracks momentarily, until the heat gradually and naturally returns. Any heat she takes in is immediately converted into power for her.

The Frozone: A special hidden ability that allows her to freeze space and time in an area where she points her hands, thus causing it to be a Frozone. Frozones are places where energy cannot enter or exit, however due to Priere's magical prowess, she may enter and exit as an exception, but she and only she may do this. Thus, there is no real way out of a Frozone, not even with Priere's help, unless she takes it down.


Water Works: Priere causes condensed water spikes to rain down from the skies to impale what they hit. They have enough power to break clean through rocks and trees. She can also cause them to rotate like drills for digging potential or allow them to lock onto a target and follow it.

Dark Flux: Using the water in the atmosphere or within something, or any water anywhere, makes explosions occur. Priere seems to be able to generate these watery explosions purely out of her own magic, as well, however at the cost of more energy.

Compression: Priere compresses and condenses liquid in any way she feels. As a result, Priere extends a watery appendage from herself or creates one in the air to grab and forcefully crush what it is to touch by compressing, condensing and pressurizing the water around what it has encased. These appendages can be large cylinders, spheres, hands, etc. The compression is so intense that it can cause what is caught in it to become liquefied if enough pressure is applied.

Aqua Tower
Priere causes highly pressurized, giant water jets to shoot from the ground in a geyser formation.

-Frozen Column: A derivative of the Aqua Tower, where Priere instantly flash-freezes the tower to make it solid ice.

Reverse Wave: Priere releases whips of water from her wrist and can either be used as whips, as stretching spikes, extra appendages, or wrap together to be used as a single, long hand drill.

Water Lock: Creates a wall/shield of water in front of or around her which condenses itself with intense pressure and density. She may also use this ability to encapsulate and imprison other things within these shields.

Silent Water: Priere uses very keen magic to coat solid objects with a very thin, virtually invisible layer of water, leaving the object looking normal when in actuality, she may use any one of her abilities and shoot it from said object at her will. She may also use this same technique to make an invisible armor on her body that is not only incredibly durable, but has the same effect. The Silent Water armor also makes all of her movements completely and utterly silent via magical inclination.

Sexy Mist: Using water particles in the air, Priere creates a mist that sucks in heat or coldness and spreads at a rapid rate. Using intense amounts of magic, she can also disrupt any strong signal, wave or perception and become totally undetected whilst within the Sexy Mist. When someone else is within the Sexy Mist, water particles/molecules will slice at their body from all over simultaneously and/or enter their pores and slice them up from the inside. It can also be manipulated for offensive purposes, like to be used as a hand or a sword, only made of mist, or something.

Backwater: Priere engulfs her hand in water or ice and molds it into the shape of a large cannon/bazooka barrel. It fires off rapid, large explosives of water/ice at the opponent and tries to hit them, causing huge explosions of water upon contact with them. Used with her Thermal Vision, they can become heat-seeking and seek out their opponents. She also can cause the shots to implode rather than explode, and upon implosions these shots will suck in all liquid/moisture they can get into one singularity before returning to Priere and restoring her power just a bit.

Breakwater: A large wall of water is created in front of Priere that absorbs all forces into itself through magical means to give itself more power and durability. The more force something has, the more powerful this wall becomes. She may only create one wall at a time and it dissipates when another comes into use, losing all powerups the first one had and it cannot be moved from its position once made.

Death Pool: Using magical power, Priere liquefies the very ground under the foe to suck them under, no matter what the surface may be. Once within the liquefied area, it is revealed that it is an eternal void of water made in an enclosed space and when a foe is inside of it, Priere closes the void of water and leaves them trapped to drown. She may also use this ability to changes the viscosity of whatever Priere physically touches.

Dehydration: Using magic to up her natural ability, Priere can very quickly steal all of the liquid within any object that she touches and pull it into herself.

Dehydration Beam: A beam of pure magic able to steal all of the liquid from what it touches and leave it as a dry husk. It is the projectile version of the normal Dehydration.

Dehydration Cube: A powered up version of the other Dehydration abilities, in which Priere imprisons her target in a huge cube that will instantaneously steal all of the moisture and liquid from whatever is within it, then compact. To make up for the drain of using this move, the chakra gain she gets back is great.

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Insangel Manna Empty Re: Insangel Manna

Post by Triere on Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:14 pm

Signis' Natural Abilities

Hovering (without the use of wings)
Generation/Absorption of electricity.
The ability to charge something with an electrical current by touch.
Shows psychic abilities.
Electricity has ability to drain/siphon moderately large amounts of energy from other things to gradually weaken other powers it comes in contact with.
Able to knock away some attacks with specially made reflective cloak.
Can embed some Heavenly/Holy energy within her lightning.
Ability to change the charge electricity.
Able to accumulate electricity in the atmosphere on a whim.
Able to steal brainwaves and mental thoughts and such and use them for power, such as erasing the mind or using electricity in the mind.
The ability to generate spherical conduits which absorb static and moving electricity in the air into itself to power Signis up. They may also fire off electricity at will.
Ability to change form into pure lightning/electricity for a short period o time (1 or 2 seconds)

Signis' Electrical abilities:

Angel Wave: Expels a large amount of electricity from the body at a high speed making about a 10 foot radius. The electricity will automatically take the same charge of what it hits to forcefully repel it away as well as shock the object at the same time.

Charge Bolt: Accumulates a large amount electricity in one focal point in the atmosphere, creating a small sphere of nothing but purely pressurized and contained electricity. Signis then uses the sphere as she pleases and lets it shoot out numerous bolts of electricity nonstop in various directions, at one direction, throws the entire sphere and allows it to explode, or shoots a massive lightning bolt using all of the accumulated electricity. This specific electricity may home in on electrical signatures within the opponent, such as brain waves and the like.

Terminal Bolt: A huge, swift shot of highly destructive lightning from the hand. Alternatively, Signis may summon a massive bolt of lightning from the sky down upon her opponent by accumulating electricity in the sky.

Generated Product: Generates a high amount of electricity within self, then launches a MASSIVE and highly destructive lightning bolt in a straight line as if it were a cannon. Alternatively, Signis does not need to laugh a bolt but can sustain the charge of her electricity to increase her next electrical attack 100fold, but only the very next electrical attack.

Continuous Lightning: From the sky comes one singular bolt of lightning, however it does not disappear after hitting the ground, and will continue to follow the foe as a line of lightning until the foe is hit with it.

Electric Wall: Signis generates a massive wall of electricity in front of her that both absorbs and reflects attacks that come near it. It may only absorb water and electric attacks and reflects all others after charging them with lightning so Signis may control them. It also releases numerous bolts of lightning as it stays up, making it both offensive and defensive.

Dengeki Seal: A seal appears under Signis about 5 foot radius around her body. It is made of psychic, electrical and holy/angelic concentration. Whatever comes within will be instantly coated in psychic, holy/angelic and electrical energies and constantly have large amounts of their chakra/etc. drained from them, become completely immobilized and bound by these 3 energies and/or be shocked continuously until the seal is gone or until they get out of the seal.

Dengeki Seal; Absorption: Using the Dengeki Seal to absorb large amounts of pure plasmatic/electrical energy into ne this, Signis may store it, absorb it or fire it out from the Seeal, which raps it in there as long as she wishes.

Heavenly Spear: Signis creates and throws gigantic spears made of pure electricity that move at the speed of lightning that are very destructive. Because of their destructive nature, they make grand explosions. They can be created in multitudes constantly and be rained down like... rain, but at the cost of higher amounts of energy.

Judgment Sword: Creates a sword made out of highly condensed electricity and holy energy. At any given time, Signis can extend and expand it, and it gains more power with more electricity it gets. It also has an odd ability to summon lightning straight from heaven to destroy all evil and tainted beings, wipe away darkness, shadows and illusions and free Signis from ailments that she faces.

Genocide Current: Releases a massive current of electricity (sometimes explosive) through the entire ground (or through the entirety of something that Signis touches.) The larger the target, the more power it takes to have this current surge through them. With time, Signis will be able to surge this through multiple targets at once instead of just one.

Hyperstatic Flow: Releases a massive wave of high powered static electricity from self that covers a wide radius. Anything that moves will be shocked terrifically by it, and the electricity will be stored inside of whatever it has shocked.

Paladin Abilities

Saint Cross

Holy Blade


Sage Abilities

Giga Flare



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Insangel Manna Empty Re: Insangel Manna

Post by Triere on Fri Mar 22, 2019 2:14 pm

Blue's Natural Abilities

Convergence into darkness/shadows
High speed movement
Generation of blue energy/condensation and control of said blue energy
Creation of extensible spikes/needles/scythe blades from anywhere on body
Ability to trap things within wings/ Shoot and create spider webs made of her wings at will.
Able to consume souls/spirits/anything associated.
Multi-presence (within Shadows and Darkness, that is.)
Vibration at high speeds.
Ability to faze in and out for periods of time. (Naturally, the length and range of these 'fazing out' will increase with rank.)
Able to merge her shadow with other forms of darkness to take control of them.
Able to move her shadow like a limb or another person.
Can camouflage self by changing her color at will to any color her surroundings are.

Blue's Energy Abilities:

Big Blue: Blue concentrates and condenses energy within her eyes and shoots a large beam of pure blue energy from them. The beam increases in power with stronger emotions felt within the atmosphere be it hers or the opponent's, for the beam feeds on emotions. The stronger the emotions of Blue (or someone else), the more powerful the beam.

Blue Blur: Expels energy in propulsive blasts from herself that leaves blue afterimages that cause damage to the foe by exploding or causing explosions when touched. This ability increases her speed drastically while active, though it is a constant drain on her when it is active for long periods of time.

Blue Whip: Condensed energy beam in the form of an explosive whip.

Blue Blade: Condensed energy beam in the form of an explosive sword. The sword has the ability to cut through most objects, for when it makes contact with something, it may make a big explosion or a series of miniature, concentrated explosions on the object it is cutting, making it seem as if it could cut through things like a light saber.

Code Blue: Blue condenses small, yet intense amounts of blue energy within her hands/arms and legs/feet to grant her an explosive touch with whatever has been coated. In addition, the higher the condensation of the blue energy around her body parts, the more durable and sharp they become, giving them explosive slicing effects like blades. Plus, the blue energy powers Blue's arms/legs up allowing them to move much, much faster than before, give her increased strength and jumping height, reflexes, etc.

Bombardment: Blue condenses blue energy into her hands or in the atmosphere around her to create small spheres of said blue energy. She then launches the barrage of spheres nonstop at her target, causing small implosions on contact with what they touch, and sucks out a portions of the energy of what they have imploded, bringing it back to Blue. Alternatively, she may create explosions with the spheres that are reflective towards energy, but the explosions don't drain energy and cost more to use.

Agent Blue: Contaminates particles and molecules in the air with some of her super condensed blue energy spores, which are exceptionally tiny, giving anything infected a blue hue. Agent Blue not only drains the energy of whatever is within it, but also continuously contaminates all particles and molecules that come in contact with it, giving it the ability to spread and multiply indefinitely, so long as it comes in contact with something. Also, Agent Blue is extremely corrosive, and each and every particle has the potential to... explode at will in a massive way. <3

Blue Ray: Using potent control over darkness, Blue may fire beams of explosive blue energy from any shadow or dark space she wishes Blue wishes.

Blue Screen: Condensing a large amount of Blue energy in a single space, Blue creates a large blue wall of energy that will rush toward the opponent. It scrambles the molecules/atoms of what goes through it, breaking them down into nothingness as they pass through, however Blue cannot move while using the Blue Screen, and it only goes in a straight line. Every time something is scrambled and destroyed, it takes power away from Blue. The larger the screen, the more power it takes to maintain.

Blueprint: Using awesome demonic power, Blue scans the entire area and maps out any area with just a few moments of concentrated thought, the image being left within her head. This means that she can also decipher illusions with ease, scan the opponent, her surroundings, etc. and see everything for what it truly is.

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