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A Physical Form of Sorts

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A Physical Form of Sorts Empty A Physical Form of Sorts

Post by BriniaSona on Sat Oct 20, 2018 1:24 am

Inside the Divine Gate was a plane where Solar Energy was in it's purest state. This realm was filled with noting but this very energy source. It wasn't until 65,000 years ago that BriniaSona found himself one with the realm of Solar Energy. He had stumbled upon it and entered via the TG300, a Threshold Gate that was developed through his sheer determination to win a local tournament at the time. This opening of the Threshold Gate pulled him into what became known as the Divine Gate. Here he was endlessly bombarded and tortured with pure solar energy, his entire being torn asunder, rebuilt and torn asunder until nothing remained, except only his consciousness.

Over the years he learned to harness the Solar Energy and manipulate it as he once did outside the gate, but inside the gate the potential was so much more. What felt like hours inside the gate became thousands of years outside it. And when he finally got a glimpse of outside the gate, all he knew was gone, taken, reshaped, evolved and nothing but a fragment of what it was. Thus he began the search for something new.

This was when he came across what he called NOVA Vescrutia. HE arrived here and presented himself to the world, but always remained inside the gate as he had yet to perfect the ability to give himself a physical form outside it.

It wasn't until calamity struck the Dominion of Heroes that he manifested himself a physical form and emerged from the gate for the first time in 65,000 years

Over top the Tempest Islands, a small mechanical gate would appear just like it had done since the first people developed the minds to notice it here. But this time, instead of a grand voice coming from it, a shadowed figure would emerge, taking it;s first step outside the realm of pure solar energy.

A Physical Form of Sorts Sample_5b9c596eee67f61f09601847827c8195

BriniaSona had finally arrived. His first task would be to test out this new body, it's capabilities, it's potential.

Thus, he came to be...

the Solar Reactor


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