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Remember Death

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Remember Death  Empty Remember Death

Post by Memento Mori on Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:44 am

Birth Name: Mori Hazuki

  • Self Given Name: Memento Mori- (Meaning Remeber Death.)

Age: 7,777

Sex: Female

Family/Family Members/Clan Members

Mori Hazuki (Father) Shee'r Hazuki (Mother) Chusin Urashura Hazuki (Daughter) Anju Hazuki (Grandaughter) Shuchi Urashura, Shido, Hazuki (Grandaughter)

Chusin and Shuchi are the only two of the family that shares another clans name since she was the only person to have relations with someone outside the clan and produce a child; so they both have two clan names rather than one because the took on the head's last name.

The other members of the clan are kept secret from everyone outside or not from the Hazuki clan since the smallest information leak could lead to someone learning about The Bleed.

Minor Information

Weight: Redacted
Height: Redacted
Eye Color: Ocean Blue
Hair Color: Veries depending on the situtation

Unsual Tidbits

Mori is obssessed with the number 7 and will do things 7 times over at times since for some reason she finds it soothing, even though there's a much deeper meaning behind it.

Body Build

Mori, much like most of the women from her clan is well built despite her slender attractive look, she's toned for someone her size and her body is well kept in shape since all Hazuki have unique body physiology that allows them to keep the same shape if they so choose to since there aren't too many if any at all bigger members within the clan.

Clothing and attire

Mori's clothing is never consistent since she's not a creature of habit and will change clothing about every hour or so, so you'd never see her in the same outfit twice, but she does have clan outfit that she wears from time to time when the need calls for it and since no one knows it's her clan outfit she can freely wear it all the time if she wanted to.


Unlike her daughter, Mori doesn't suffer from multiple personality disorder, she has only one set in stone personality and that's the personality of a cold heartless woman who's only joy in life comes from fishing since she finds all fish to be pure and thus consuming them makes her pure in her own sense. She's very approachable, but she doesn't like wasting her time on one tricks who's only reason for doing something is so simple-minded that it makes them useless.  

She doesn't usually talk even though she's very approachable since she's not too friendly with outsiders and is more or less a xenophobe to the highest degree, but she's learning to break out of that mindset and open up a little more to outsiders. Now, this doesn't apply to her daughter and her kids because believe it or not she's actually a very loving mother when she wants to be and grandmother, but she still hates the fact that her grandkids are half-blooded and her daughter never came back.


Death is the most common acceptance within the Hazuki clan and each clan member honors it and remembers it for to forget death is to already die a thousand deaths and no one held this closer to the heart than Mori, she always believes that remembering death was something everyone should do and never forget it. This high regards for that saying molded her into a strong fearless warrior from a young age, and ever since she was young she's never feared dying since she'd never forgotten that her life was but one of many to be blown out sooner or later.

She took that saying and engraved it onto her soul and took it much differently than other members, she lived each day as if it was her last and never wasted any time goofing around with others since she knew that sooner or later she'd be gone and she wanted to leave her mark of the world so it would remember her as the woman who never forgot death.

Once she was old enough to make her own choices she went on ahead and married a man who she refuses to remember, but after marrying him she soon got pregnant with her one and only daughter Chusin, Chusin was the one thing she held closer to her heart than death itself; this baby was going to be her mark on the earth and nothing more. So from an early age she trained and taught Chusin everything she knew and never held back, there was no need for holding back even if some found her parenting extreme.

She made sure to engrave the saying into her daughter very soul so she to would live each day as her last and find happiness from that, but what she wasn't counting on was her daughter losing her mind slightly and creating her own self made world were things weren't so harsh and soon enough it got to the point that Chusin just became lost and later on down the line ran off. That day was the last day she'd ever seen her daughter and even now she can't even recall if things weren't exactly like her mind tells her since her memory is all fuzzy ever since she left the clan in search of ████
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